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Current Club Executive

Becker, MichaelPresidentDashwood, ON Email(Bantam Plymouth Rocks, SC Leghorns, Wyandottes, Brahmas)
Uhran, FrancesVice-PresidentGrand Valley, ON Email(Bantam Silkies, Cochins)
Dodington, BarbaraSecretary-TreasurerAylmer, ONWeb Page(Bantam Bearded Silkies, Standard Ameraucanas, Marans)
Stevens, PaulDirectorThorndale, ONEmail
Wellhauser, TedDirectorConestoga, ON Email
Wicke, GeorgeDirectorGadshill, ON Email(Rostock Bantam Haven: Dutch, Faverolles)


Armstrong, GrantLondon, ON Email(Seramas, bantam Cornish, peacocks, pheasants, partridge)
Bauman, KathyHanover, ON Email(Standard Marans, Ameraucanas, Buckeyes, Welsummers, Bresse, Euskal Oiloa (Marraduna), Bantam RIR, Rocks, Silkies, Seramas)
Becker, EarlDashwood, ON Email(Standard Wyandottes, Plymouth Rocks, SC Leghorns, Orpingtons)
Becker, KristyDashwood, ON - (Bantam Brahmas)
Brander, DavePetrolia, ONEmail(Jersey Giants, Shamos, Turkeys, Ducks)
Bundschuh, Quinn (Jr.)Sparta, ON - (Standard Ameraucanas, Marans, Leghorns)
Camilleri, MarkCambridge, ON Email(Japanese Bantams)
Carreau, ZeharaLucan, ONEmail(Standard Faverolles, Chanteclers, Ameraucanas)
Delong, BillyFredericton, NBEmail(Bantam Seramas, Silkies, Cochins; Gamebirds: Quail, Pheasants)
Faryon, TammieONEmail(Standard Sussex and Bielefelder)
Henderson, StanDenfield, ON Email
Lyons, ShelbyFredericton, NBEmail(Bantam Seramas, Silkies, Cochins; Gamebirds: Quail, Pheasants)
MacGregor, Aidan (Jr.)Hanover, ON Email(Bantam RIRs, Seramas)
Matheson, KeithWoodstock, ONEmail
McDougall, Andrew (Jr.)Gadshill, ONEmail
Monahan Roos, BrendaShannonville, ONEmail(Bantam Silkies
Moore, CoriPetrolia, ONEmail(Bantam Silkies, Standard Naked Neck, Shamos, Jersey Giants, Turkeys, Ducks)
Nieuwland, DickThorndale, ON Email (Bantam and Standard Plymouth Rocks)
Owens, BruceActon, ONEmail(Bantam Seramas, Silkies, Wyandottes, Standard Plymouth Rocks)
Potts, SaraGuelph, ON - (Bantam Bearded Silkies, Seramas)
Roberts, ElenaSunderland, ONEmail(Standard Ameraucanas, Rhode Island Red)
Sanders, JohnSt. Thomas, ON Email(Standard Leghorns, Plymouth Rocks)
Soares, DakotaArva, ON Email(Bantam Silkies; White Rock Broilers)
Stanford, LaureenGoodells, MIEmail(Seramas)
Tigani, ShannonVarna, ONEmail(Standard Plymouth Rocks, Orpingtons, Brahmas)
Wellhauser, DavidConestoga, ON Email

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